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Is this ok?

Icons are downloaded from

ReadMe for default participant and default node:

Author: David Renelt
Licence: Be-A-Friend-Ware, call a good friend and tell him how much you
like him

                Little Icon People
                Maction HyperMedia

"Little-Icon-People" is a small collection of icons. They are saved as
ResEdit Resource files with custom icons (visible in Finder).

"Little-Icon-People" are "Be-A-Friend-Ware".  If you like my icons, call a
really good friend and tell him how much you like him and drop me a line
what he have said.

If you want to include my Icons to a larger collection or a CD-ROM, don't
forget to put this ReadMe with them.
David Renelt - Maction HyperMedia
eMail:  David.Renelt at
        maction at
        maction at
Compuserve: 100736,3276
SnailMail : Am Wildwechsel 11   /  82031 Gruenwald   /   Germany
ReadMe for default data:
Author: Forrest Walter
Licence: Free for personal use - see

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