Please add logger package to dependent pkgs list

Ivan R. Judson judson at
Wed Feb 19 12:56:54 CST 2003

This sounds like a good idea. Let's see if Ti can get it incorporated into
the installer and figure out the licensing (it should just be the same as
python right?)

Speaking of which, what is the pyDNS license?  We have to be careful about
licensing so we don't inadvertantly incoprorate licenses that invalidate our


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> I would like to start using logger:
> in new code in the AG codebase. It has a number of advantages 
> over using print:
> 	You can leave debugging code in place, and just disable it
> 	for normal operation. If a user has problems, we could
> 	define a mechanism by which debug output is reenabled for
> 	submission in a bug report
> 	Debugging code can be selectively enabled. If I'm hacking
> 	on a new datastore, I can enable verbose debugging for
> 	that code but leave everything else the same.
> 	Multiple logging mechanisms are possible - stdout, files,
> 	syslog, NT event logs, etc. This will become important
> 	as we start making NT services out of system components,
> 	where you lose stdout as a possibility for seeing debug info.
> The logger module will be part of python 2.3. Until then it 
> is available as 
> a separate package at the second URL above.
> We can make the installation of the windows version part of 
> an automated 
> install of a set of dependent packages.
> --bob

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