Please add logger package to dependent pkgs list

Robert Olson olson at
Wed Feb 19 12:42:00 CST 2003

I would like to start using logger:

in new code in the AG codebase. It has a number of advantages over using print:

	You can leave debugging code in place, and just disable it
	for normal operation. If a user has problems, we could
	define a mechanism by which debug output is reenabled for
	submission in a bug report

	Debugging code can be selectively enabled. If I'm hacking
	on a new datastore, I can enable verbose debugging for
	that code but leave everything else the same.

	Multiple logging mechanisms are possible - stdout, files,
	syslog, NT event logs, etc. This will become important
	as we start making NT services out of system components,
	where you lose stdout as a possibility for seeing debug info.

The logger module will be part of python 2.3. Until then it is available as 
a separate package at the second URL above.

We can make the installation of the windows version part of an automated 
install of a set of dependent packages.


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