ServiceObject.IsValid() method

Robert Olson olson at
Mon Feb 10 15:39:07 CST 2003

At 03:33 PM 2/10/2003 -0600, Ivan R. Judson wrote:

>Another thing that comes to mind that would make the venue server startup
>easier would be some call (perhaps via the hosting environment) to return
>the authorization information of the user running the process.

Ah, right. that's in there somewhere, lemme hunt..

Now in hosting.pyGlobus.utilities:

def GetDefaultCredential():
     gss_cred =
     if gss_cred is None:
         return None
         return gss_cred.get_name()

will show up when my branch gets merged. Note that if there is no proxy 
this will return None.

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