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That is a double negative.... you mean..

are neither hindered nor
(not are not)

At 02:21 PM 2/10/2003 -0600, Michael E. Papka wrote:
>I think "and events like SCGlobal aren't either hindered, or" should be "and
>events like SCGlobal aren't neither hindered, nor"
>Technically this seems like a bandaid at first glance, should a venue have
>its choice on how to manage its multicast addresses? If a site hosting a
>venue wants to statically allocate from its pool of addresses its their
>choice. Seems like we should offer both in the system. My two cents.
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>Howdy all,
>I promised a plan, but here is a bit more than that.  I'm going to describe
>the problems and put forth a solution.
>The problem we have is the following:
>- AG 1.0 used statically assigned multicast addresses for the media (e.g.
>one address for video and one address for audio).
>- There has been some work at making sure this set of addresses work,
>including various firewall, bridge, and tunneling solutions.
>- AG 2.0 uses dynamically assigned addresses for media. We'd like to keep
>the 2.0 toolkit from being overly burdened by the design constraints in 1.0.
>- We can't support infinite backwards compatibility , but want to backward
>compatibility enough for users to comfortably transition (we don't want to
>abandon the community!)
>- We're moving to dynamic addressing, but before we can do entirely dynamic
>address allocation we need to ensure the basic services are fault tolerant
>and robust enough to handle the problems associated with network brokenness.
>- During the transition we need the right solution so the community can
>transition comfortably from AG1.0 to AG2.0 and events like SCGlobal aren't
>either hindered, or have success threatened by the software evolution.
>So, what do we do?  Other folks with ideas should feel free to contribute
>them, but I recognize it might be hard to contribute an idea after only a
>week of alpha --
>1) AG2 will incorporate functionality to statically configure a Virtual
>Venue with audio and video media streams. These statically configured
>streams are AG1 compliant streams (ie, H.261 video or 16bit, 16KHz
>uncompressed audio). This will be available as soon as we (or someone else)
>has time to implement it.
>2) We will host a transitional AG2 Venue Server that is initialized with the
>AG1 venues (same name, description, and media streams) so that AG2 users can
>collaborate with AG1 users. We will not transition venues that have *never*
>been used.
>3) We will transition over time, along the following event timeline:
>         - On or near September 15th we'll turn off the existing Virtual
>Venue Server
>         - On or near November 31st, we'll stop supporting the transitional
>If there are any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send email
>to ag-tech.

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