Virtual Venue Address Plan

Thomas Uram turam at
Mon Feb 10 14:32:22 CST 2003

>- We can't support infinite backwards compatibility , but want to backward
>compatibility enough for users to comfortably transition (we don't want to
>abandon the community!)
"but want to backward compability" should be "but want to support 
backward compatibility", or some such

>2) We will host a transitional AG2 Venue Server that is initialized with the
>AG1 venues (same name, description, and media streams) so that AG2 users can
>collaborate with AG1 users. We will not transition venues that have *never*
>been used.
We need to say that we will notify the community about which venues in 
particular will not be supported on the transitional server.  We don't 
want people wondering (or worse, asking) whether their venue will be 
included on the transitional server.


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