ServiceObject.IsValid() method

Ivan R. Judson judson at
Sat Feb 8 13:55:45 CST 2003

I don't know. The behavior I'm trying to avoid is that a client object
(result of ...get_proxy() isn't really anything until a call is made, but if
that call fails your down the error handling path -- you'd really like to
know if the handle is valid ahead of time in some cases...

Does that make it any more clear?  The words that come to mind are "you want
to know you have a valid proxy object before you use it", but I'm not sure
that helps make it more clear :-)


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> is that doing the same thing as isinstance(obj, ServiceObject) ?
> At 01:32 PM 2/8/2003 -0600, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
> >I propose we add amethod IsValid() to the service object 
> that returns 
> >true. Then you can verify that your handle is good *before* 
> you try to 
> >use it. This makes it significantly easier to handle cases 
> like venue 
> >entering...
> >
> >Thoughts?

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