AG Toolkit 2.4 Available

Thomas D. Uram turam at
Fri Aug 26 15:25:01 CDT 2005

The Access Grid Toolkit 2.4 is available for download at:

This release includes some new functionality, patches made to the 2.3 
release, and many bug fixes.

Highlights include:

o Automatic anonymous certificate request on startup (in absence of 
other certificates)
o Includes
o Integrated MyProxy support
o Windows
   * Includes Winnov Videum support
   * BridgeServer support (via included QuickBridge)
   * Properly configures Windows firewall for media tools
   * Tiger (10.4) support
   * Includes AG vic, with autoplace and multiple camera support
     (thanks to Doug Kosovic, University of Queensland)
   * More stable rat

For full information on this release, and a complete listing of the bugs 
fixed, see the official release page.

As always, user feedback is welcome. Please file bug reports, feature 
requests, or enhancements via the Access Grid Bugzilla page 


The AG Developers

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