[Swift-user] Sites configuration examples

Aurélien Mazurie ajmazurie at oenone.net
Mon Jul 13 11:52:56 CDT 2015

Dear all,
I'm still struggling with the existing Swift documentation to understand how to deploy a Swift-based test workflow outside of the desktop computer it currently (successfully) runs in.

What I'm trying to achieve is a small series of test cases:
(a) execution of the same workflow on a remote machine to which I have SSH access
(b) execution of the same workflow on a SLURM-powered compute cluster
(c) execution of the same workflow on a HTCondor compute cluster (EC2-based, and created with StarCluster)

My trouble comes from the fact that most of the material I can find on the Net is pre-0.96, and refers to XML description of site configuration that I haven't successfully converted to the new aggregative, vaguely JSON-like configuration format (which is very nice, by the way; I wish other toolkits I use could have the same).

I'm also confused by some snippets having compound values for the "site.<site_name>.execution.jobManager" property, such as "ssh-cl:local". The documentation is not very clear on these cases, nor how this variable relates to "site.<site_name>.execution.type".

Is there such a thing as a template site configuration for the test cases listed above?


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