[Swift-user] Swift 0.93 + Coasters - Configuration issues ?

Emalayan Vairavanathan svemalayan at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 19:09:22 CST 2012

I used the same site and tc catalogs with both swift versions.

Thank you

 From: Emalayan Vairavanathan <svemalayan at yahoo.com>
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Sent: Thursday, 19 January 2012 5:07 PM
Subject: [Swift-user] Swift 0.93 + Coasters - Configuration issues ?

Dear All,

I tried to run a simple helloworld.swift application with coasters (with the setup below).

Two machines: Machine-1 (for coaster-service) and Machine-2 (for workers) respectively. 

I started the coaster-service  in Machine-1 and also started the helloworld.swift from  Machine-1. I observed the following with two different swift versions.

With swift-0.92.1 - helloworld.swift was waiting until the worker on Machine-2 is started and then it returned the result.
With swift-0.93    - helloworld.swift immediately completed and provided the correct results even before starting the worker.

I suspect there might be some configuration issues / bug with swift-0.93 (may be in site catalog).

Any ideas / suggestions ?

Please kindly let me know if you have questions. 


============================ Please find my site.catalog before =================================
<pool handle="localhost">
    <execution provider="coaster-persistent" url="http://localhost:1984" jobmanager="local:local"/>
    <profile namespace="globus" key="workerManager">passive</profile>

    <profile namespace="globus" key="workersPerNode">4</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus" key="maxTime">10000</profile>
 namespace="globus" key="lowOverAllocation">100</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus" key="highOverAllocation">100</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus" key="slots">100</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus" key="nodeGranularity">1</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus" key="maxNodes">10</profile>
    <profile namespace="karajan" key="jobThrottle">25.00</profile>
    <profile namespace="karajan" key="initialScore">10000</profile>
    <profile namespace="swift" key="stagingMethod">proxy</profile>
    <filesystem provider="local"/>


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