[Swift-user] Problems with PBS on Beagle for swift.0.94-2012.1102

Michael Wilde wilde at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 5 20:00:55 CST 2012

> Yes, I understand that and the values match.
> However, I have been told that the first is the time the coasters use
> in the PBS submission and maxwalltime is used to plan how to run the
> apps, it is the time apps are expected to take inside of the coasters.
> <profile namespace="globus" key="maxTime">168000</profile>
> <profile namespace="globus" key="maxwalltime">2:0:00</profile>
> This is how it seemed to work until version .94, has it changed? What
> do these two mean now?

No, nothing has changed in that regard to my knowledge for 0.94. What you say above is correct, and is the same as what I said in my reply, right?

But the maxwalltime you said you used in your sites file was 16:40:00, not 2:0:00, right?

> Have I missed something?

Im confused by your question, Lorenzo.  You said in the original email on this thread that your site file specified:

  <profile namespace="globus" key="maxTime">172800</profile>
  <profile namespace="globus" key="maxwalltime">16:40:00</profile>

and it seemed like you were asking why your app() invocation was terminated by a 513 error after what you said was "By my reckoning it is 15 hours or 900 minutes or 54000 seconds"

But as far as I can tell, your app() was terminated exactly when I would expect it to be terminated, after a walltime of 16:39:00. This is the way Swift and Coasters worked in 0.93 and has not to my knowledge changed in 0.94. Nothing I see in the info you provided looks to me like either an error or a change in behavior.

Can you clarify your question?

- Mike

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