[Swift-user] oops failures on OSG

Mihael Hategan hategan at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Feb 20 20:43:55 CST 2009

----- Mats Rynge <rynge at renci.org> wrote:
> > I can see no benefit in swift seeing one site as two, so I would recommend
> > against doing this in general.
> OSG is not going to stop doing this. The benefits for the site are the
> ability to spread the load on multiple gatekeepers, and the ability
> to do maintenance on one node and still have the resource available
> with the other one.

I didn't mean it from an OSG perspective, but from a Swift perspective.
You are also offering a benefit, so I must reconsider what I said.

> One fix could be to add something site specific to the path of data
> cache directory. That would mean duplicate copies of the data on some
> sites, but if that is how the sites are advertised, I think that is
> acceptable.

This, I think, can currently be done manually by specifying a different 
work directory in sites.xml, but swift won't check for such conflicts.

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