[Swift-user] using swift in an IP-impoverished environment

U.H zvalim at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 09:52:21 CST 2009

Dear Swift experts,

I want to run swift in my new location, which is an institution with a
relatively restricted IP allocation and a particular knack for
centralization. As a result, the entire computer network of my center
is behind a NAT/Firewall.

I am exploring options to run swift in this scenario but before
pursuing them further wanted to consult the collective experience.

1. Perhaps run via vpn. I can open a vpn connection from a linux
machine. That way I obtain a visible IP address. But, the linux client
vpn crashes often, which has to do with the microsoft vpn system
installed here.  And I am not certain there's a proper hostname
associated with the IP obtained via VPN, which, if I understand
correctly is a Globus requirement.

2. Run behind NAT/Firewall. I found a document describing client-side
reqs for this kind of situation here
(http://dev.globus.org/wiki/FirewallHowTo section called "Network
Address Translation (NAT)").
Does anyone have experience in running swift in this mode?


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