[Swift-user] gsiftp filesystem mapper removes leading slash

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Tue Feb 3 15:52:14 CST 2009

On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, Allan Espinosa wrote:

> location="gsiftp://gridftp.ranger.tacc.teragrid.org/work/01035/tg802895/pir",

> But gridftp internals in swift reports that it cannot get a directory 
> listing of "work/01035/tg802895/pir".  I was thinking that maybe the 
> leading slashes were removed.  Below is the program output:

CoG's gsiftp handling has an unconventional (as in different to the Globus 
Toolkit) understanding of gsiftp URLs; you need to use two slashes after 
the hostname in gsiftp URLs that are given to CoG.

Globus Toolkit gsiftp URLs implicitly start at /

CoG URLs start in pwd, and need an extra / to get to root.

Both interpretations violate my understand of the ftp:// URI scheme on 
which I understand the gsiftp:// scheme to be modelled.

(to be even more picky, its a violation to use gsiftp:// as a URI scheme 
as it neither begins with x- nor is registered with IANA... ho ho ho)


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