[Swift-user] job waiting

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Sat Apr 18 17:01:16 CDT 2009

On Sat, 18 Apr 2009, Yue, Chen - BMD wrote:

> MOAB_INFO:  job exceeded wallclock limit

This message means that some of the josb that you tried to run took longer 
than is allowed by default.

I plotted your logs using swift-plot-log, and from the graph 'karajan 
active JOB_SUBMISSION cumulative duration' in the karajan tab 
it looks like while most of your jobs take somewhere between seconds to a 
few minutes, a number of your jobs take longer (up to 3000 seconds in that 

Check that: i) an hour is a sane time for your programs to be taking, and 
ii) that the queues that you are submitting to (the default on ncsa, for 
example) allow this length of time.


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