[Swift-user] Please clarify throttle parameters for coasters and GT2 issues

Michael Wilde wilde at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Apr 2 21:20:05 CDT 2009

I (and colleagues Im working with) have a few related questions:

At some point guidelines were posted regarding "safe" throttle values 
for sending to GT2 GRAM sites. I recall "max 40 jobs". Can you clarify 
if that number is still the best practice, and how to the 4-5 throttle 
parameters to conform?

Then, do those same values apply to coasters?

Finally, with the recent successes in high-volume coaster runs on Ranger 
- 190K jobs in ~ 5 hours, and even the earlier runs of 65K jobs - how 
were those achieved without tripping into the GRAM overhead limits, 
given that Ranger as far as I know has only GT2 GRAM and even submitting 
locallly to SGE must go through GRAM since we have no direct SGE 
provider?  Are the "safe" limits for Ranger simply higer,or is there 
something else involved that makes this practical?  In other words, 
please share and post how to get lots of jobs through Ranger.

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