[Swift-user] Running on teraport

Chad Glendenin chad at uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 1 18:33:29 CDT 2007

I just got an account on teraport, and I'm trying to see if I can run  
a Swift 0.3 workflow from my laptop to teraport, but it's not  
working. Right now, I'm just trying to run 'hostname' to verify that  
it's running in the right place. I added this line to tc.data:

teraport  hostname  /bin/hostname  INSTALLED  INTEL32::LINUX  null

but with tabs instead of spaces.

In sites.xml, I just uncommented the teraport entry and changed the  
storage and work directories from Tibi's home directory to my own,  
like this:

   <pool handle="teraport" sysinfo="INTEL32::LINUX">
     <gridftp  url="gsiftp://tp-grid1.uchicago.edu"  storage="/home/ 
chad/tmp/swift" major="2" minor="2" patch="4">
     <jobmanager universe="vanilla" url="tp-grid1.uchicago.edu/ 
jobmanager-pbs" major="2" minor="2" patch="4" />
     <workdirectory >/home/chad/tmp/swift</workdirectory>

The script is basically the same as "hello world," but with  
'hostname' instead of 'echo'.

When I try to run it, I get the following:

Execution failed:
         Missing argument minor for sys:element(url, storage, major,  
minor, patch)

Is that a problem with the sites.xml entry? What am I forgetting?


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