[petsc-users] PetscSF "One-Sided" vs. "Two-Sided"

Ferrand, Jesus A. FERRANJ2 at my.erau.edu
Wed May 31 17:37:37 CDT 2023

Dear PETSc team:

For one of my applications, I need to know which owned DAG  points in a (DMPlex) are other ranks' ghosts.
Say, rank-0 has some point "x" (which it owns) and it shows up in, say, rank-1 as a ghost numbered "y".
Then, if I inspect the "Point" PestcSF,  in rank-1 there should be a leaf for "y" that records rank-0 and the value of "x", right?
However, back in rank-0, the same PetscSF has no record that "x" is "y" in rank-1 (and potentially "z","a","b",... in additional ranks).

Is this what, in PetscSF terminology, is referred to as "One-Sided"?

If so, I think what I am really asking is how can I obtain a "Two-Sided" version of the PointSF?


J.A. Ferrand

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