[petsc-users] Dmplex+PetscFe+KSP

Jonathan Davud Razi Seyed Mirpourian jdara at dtu.dk
Tue Mar 14 07:48:03 CDT 2023

Dear Petsc team,

I am trying to use DMplex in combination with PetscFE and KSP to solve a linear system.

I have struggled to do so, as all the examples I found ( for example: https://petsc.org/release/src/snes/tutorials/ex26.c.html) use SNES.

Is there a way to avoid this? Optimally I would like to use dmplex for the mesh management, then create the discretization with PetscFE and then get KSP to automatically
assemble the system matrix A.

I hope my questions is reasonable.

All the best,

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