[petsc-users] Does petsc4py support matrix-free iterative solvers?

Eric Hester eric.w.hester at icloud.com
Mon Mar 13 09:58:35 CDT 2023

Hello everyone,

Does petsc4py support matrix-free iterative solvers (as for Matrix-Free matrices in petsc)?

For context, I have a distributed matrix problem to solve. It comes from a Fourier-Chebyshev Galerkin discretisation. The corresponding matrix is dense, but it is fast to evaluate using fftw. It is also distributed in memory.

While I’ve found some petsc4py tutorial examples in "/petsc/src/binding/petsc4py/demo/“, they don’t seem to show a matrix free example. And I don’t see a reference to a matrix shell create method in the petsc4py api.

If petsc4py does support matrix free iterative solvers, it would be really helpful if someone could provide even a toy example of that. Serial would work, though a parallelised one would be better.


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