[petsc-users] Error in configuring PETSc with Cygwin

冯上玮 fengshw3 at mail2.sysu.edu.cn
Thu Mar 2 11:43:16 CST 2023

Hi team,

Recently I try to install PETSc with Cygwin since I'd like to use PETSc with Visual Studio on Windows10 plateform. For the sake of clarity, I firstly list the softwares/packages used below:

1. PETSc: version 3.18.5
2. VS: version 2019
3. Intel Parallel Studio XE: version 2020
4. Cygwin with py3.8 and make (and default installation)

And because I plan to use Intel mpi, the compiler option in configuration is:

./configure --with-cc='win32fe cl' --with-fc='win32fe ifort' --with-cxx='win32fe cl' --download-fblaslapack

where there is no option for mpi.

While the PROBLEM came with the compiler option --with-fc='win32fe ifort', which returned an error (or two) as:

Cannot run executables created with FC. If this machine uses a batch system
to submit jobs you will need to configure using ./configure with the additional option  --with-batch.
Otherwise there is problem with the compilers. Can you compile and run code with your compiler '/cygdrive/d/petsc/petsc-3.18.5/lib/petsc/bin/win32fe/win32fe ifort'?

Note that both ifort of x64 and ifort of ia-32 ended with the same error above and I install IPS with options related to mkl and fblaslapack. Something a bit suspectable is that I open Cygwin with dos. (actually the Intel Compiler 19.1 Update 3 Intel 64 Visual Studio 2019, x86 environment for the test of ifort ia-32 ,in particularlly)

Therefore, I write this e-mail to you in order to confirm if I should add "--with-batch" or the error is caused by other reason, such as ifort ?

Looking forward your reply!

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