[petsc-users] User-defined updating function in SNES

YuSh Lo ysjosh.lo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 14:41:04 CDT 2023


I am using SNES to solve some nonlinear functions.
After each iteration, I have an user-defined updating to do.
Some values in the solution vectors must be inserted to some different
I have tried to do it in the beginning of form RHS and form Jacobian, but
the vector is read-only. The results are correct although some warnings are
thrown with debug build saying that the vector is in wrong state. I also
tried setting a function with SNESSetupdate, but the convergence is bad.
Is the vector I get using SNESGetSolution the same as the vector that will
be used in following forming Jacobian and RHS?, and is it again read only?

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