[petsc-users] issues with VecSetValues in petsc 3.19

Edoardo alinovi edoardo.alinovi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 04:36:35 CDT 2023

Hello Barry, Matt, Jed,

I have just installed the latest and greatest version of petsc and I am
hitting a problem I did not have in previous releases.

Here is the error:

*[1]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message
ERROR: Object is in wrong state[1]PETSC ERROR: Not for unassembled vector,
did you call VecAssemblyBegin()/VecAssemblyEnd()?[1]PETSC ERROR: WARNING!
There are option(s) set that were not used! Could be the program crashed
before they were used or a spelling mistake, etc!*

the vector x I am filling is created with:

   - call VecDuplicate(this%rhs, x, ierr)

rhs is allocated and I called VecAssemblyBegin()/VecAssemblyEnd() on, do I
need to call it on duplicated vectors as well now on?

Thank you!
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