[petsc-users] DMLocalToLocal with DMPlex in Fortran

Mike Michell mi.mike1021 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 15:13:50 CDT 2022


As a follow-up to this email thread,

Are DMLocalToLocalBegin() and DMLocalToLocalEnd() really available for
DMPlex with Fortran on the latest version of PETSc (3.17.99 from GitLab)?
Matt commented that the Fortran bindings were updated so that those
functions must be available in the latest version of PETSc, however, it
seems still they are not working from my test with DMPlex in Fortran. Can
anyone provide some comments? Probably I am missing some mandatory header
file? Currently, I have headers;

#include "petsc/finclude/petscvec.h"
#include "petsc/finclude/petscdmplex.h"
#include "petsc/finclude/petscdmlabel.h"
#include "petsc/finclude/petscdm.h"

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