[petsc-users] Read and write HDF5 files

Quentin Chevalier quentin.chevalier at polytechnique.edu
Thu Sep 8 06:43:15 CDT 2022

Hello PETSc users !

I'm trying to use PETSc routine to read and write complex vectors to binary
files in parallel.

I'm using dolfinx and petsc4py inside a docker container. My end goal is to
write a dolfinx Function object to file, then read it again.

My current code goes something like :
viewer = pet.Viewer().createHDF5("file.h5", 'w', comm)

And fails with traceback :
petsc4py.PETSc.Error: error code 86
[9] PetscViewerSetType() at
[9] Unknown type. Check for miss-spelling or missing package:
[9] Unknown PetscViewer type given: hdf5

The relevant functions show on pydoc, what am I doing wrong ?


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