[petsc-users] Using matrix-free with KSP

Tu, Jiannan Jiannan_Tu at uml.edu
Tue Sep 6 22:00:48 CDT 2022

I am using TS IMEX to solve a large DAE system. The DAE is obtained by applying finite FV method to 3-D multi-specie ion/neutral fluids equations with magnetic induction equation. The Jacobian for stiff part is formed by using MatSetValuesStencil(). The Jacobian matrix is very sparse, no more than 10 non-zeros on each row. MatSetValuesStencil requires local to global mapping by calling ISLocaltoGlobalMapping(). Could you please instruct me how to use local to global mapping?

I also tried using DMCreateMatrix() to create the Jacobian. While local to global mapping is not necessary, the matrix takes too much memory and requires 64-bit indices. I would prefer to take the advantage of sparsity of the Jacobian, pre-allocate the matrix to use as less as possible memory so that the code can be run on a multi-core desktop.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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