[petsc-users] Solving a linear system with sparse matrices

Mateo José Moinelo mateojmoinelo at gmail.com
Sat May 21 11:41:16 CDT 2022

Hi. I am working on a Petsc program, and I have a problem. I have two
sparse matrices A and B, and I want to compute inv(A)*B. I understand that
computing the inverse of a matrix directly is not effective, and that in
this case, the best way to do the operation is instead solving the system
A*X = B, being X the result. I reviewed the documentation, and found some
interesting options, like the function MatMatSolve, or using a KSP.

The problem I found is that these options seem to work only for dense
matrices, and I do not know how to convert my sparce matrices to dense.
What can I do in this case?.

Thanks in advance.
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