[petsc-users] different periodicity per dof in DMDA?

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> Hi.
> I know that when I create a DMDA I can select periodic b.c. per grid
> direction.
> I am facing a PDE with 2 dofs per node in which one dof has periodic
> b.c. in the x direction and the other one periodic b.c. in the y
> direction. Is there a (possibly quick-and-dirty) solution to represent
> this in a DM (not necessarily a DMDA)?

I am trying to understand what this means. Usually we think of periodicity
as arising from the domain, not the field.

I think it would be easiest to:

  a) Use two different DMDA for the fields that "match up" where needed


  b) Use a DMStag since it sounds like these should live on horizontal and
vertical edges



> I understand the request it's strange, but I should add that we are
> experimenting numerically with this toy model, so in fact the b.c. may
> change in the future... just to stress once more that I am not after a
> perfect solution, but anything that would at least allow parallel runs
> with few processors would do for now.
> Thanks in advance
>      Matteo

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