[petsc-users] PETSc / AMRex

Bernigaud Pierre pierre.bernigaud at onera.fr
Tue Jun 21 10:14:46 CDT 2022


I hope you are doing great.

We are currently working on parallel solver employing PETSc for the main 
numerical methods (GMRES, Newton-Krylov method). We would be interested 
in combining the PETSc solvers with the AMR framework provided by the 
library AMReX (https://amrex-codes.github.io/amrex/). I know that within 
the AMReX framework the KSP solvers provided by PETSc can be used, but 
what about the SNES solvers? More specifically, we are using a DMDA to 
manage parallel communications during the SNES calculations, and I am 
wondering how it would behave in a context where the data layout between 
processors is modified by the AMR code when refining the grid.

Would you have any experience on this matter ? Is there any 
collaboration going on between PETsc and AMReX, or would you know of a 
code using both of them?


Pierre Bernigaud

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