[petsc-users] Load a Sparse Matrix from a MAT file in PETSC

NILTON SANTOS VALDIVIA 100442268 at alumnos.uc3m.es
Fri Jun 10 14:58:48 CDT 2022

Hello Matthew,

Thank you very much for your answer. What I'm trying to do is to solve a
linear system using the A and b (matrix and vector) provided in
https://sparse.tamu.edu/FEMLAB/waveguide3D (no matter if its a .mat or a
.mtx file) and also I want to solve the system with multiple MPI processes,
I'm not an expert on it, just starting to understand the procedure. I'd
really appreciate if you could help me with this exercise.

Best Regards,


El vie, 10 jun 2022 a las 19:57, Matthew Knepley (<knepley at gmail.com>)

> On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 1:15 PM NILTON SANTOS VALDIVIA <
> 100442268 at alumnos.uc3m.es> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I was trying to load a sparse matrix from a .MAT file  (and solve the
>> linear system). But even though, I have extracted  the A and b matrix and
>> vector from this suite *https://sparse.tamu.edu/FEMLAB/waveguide3D
>> <https://sparse.tamu.edu/FEMLAB/waveguide3D>* and saved the variables
>> (A, b) in a MAT file as PETSC recommends, I couldn't be able to load the
>> matrix. Is there something that I was doing wrong? or do you know a way to
>> load a matrix  from the above link?
>> Actually I was using src/ksp/ksp/tutorials/ex10.c.html
>> <https://petsc.org/main/src/ksp/ksp/tutorials/ex10.c.html> example to
>> try to load a .MAT file (containing A and b) without success.
> Do you want to load a Matrix Market format matrix and vector? If so, this
> is what https://petsc.org/main/src/mat/tests/ex72.c.html does.
>   Thanks,
>      Matt
>> Best Regards,
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