[petsc-users] Load a Sparse Matrix from a MAT file in PETSC

NILTON SANTOS VALDIVIA 100442268 at alumnos.uc3m.es
Fri Jun 10 10:47:38 CDT 2022


I was trying to load a sparse matrix from a .MAT file  (and solve the
linear system). But even though, I have extracted  the A and b matrix and
vector from this suite *https://sparse.tamu.edu/FEMLAB/waveguide3D
<https://sparse.tamu.edu/FEMLAB/waveguide3D>* and saved the variables  (A,
b) in a MAT file as PETSC recommends, I couldn't be able to load the
matrix. Is there something that I was doing wrong? or do you know a way to
load a matrix  from the above link?

Actually I was using src/ksp/ksp/tutorials/ex10.c.html
<https://petsc.org/main/src/ksp/ksp/tutorials/ex10.c.html> example to try
to load a .MAT file (containing A and b) without success.

Best Regards,

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