[petsc-users] Asking examples about solving DAE in python

Xiong, Jing jxiong at anl.gov
Thu Jan 20 16:13:57 CST 2022


I hope you are well.

I'm very interested in PETSc and want to explore the possibility of whether it could solve Differential-algebraic equations (DAE) in python. I know there are great examples in C, but I'm struggling to connect the examples in python.

The only example I got right now is for solving ODEs in the paper: PETSc/TS: A Modern Scalable ODE/DAE Solver Library.

And I got the following questions:

  1.  Is petsc4py the right package to use?
  2.  Could you give an example for solving DAEs in python?
  3.  Is Jacobian must be specified? If not, could your show an example for solving DAEs without specified Jacobian in python?

Thank you for your help.

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