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Ferrand, Jesus A. FERRANJ2 at my.erau.edu
Mon Feb 28 13:14:50 CST 2022

Dear PETSc team:

I am working on an FEA code that solves the elasticity equation using P1 elements. I want to write Vecs to ParaView in .vtk format. I can output the displacements by defining a PetscSection that assigned dof over the vertices of my mesh. I can export this Vec using PetscViewerVTKAddField() and DMPlexVTKWriteAll(). Now I want to export strains and stresses using the same VTK functions, but these Vecs need a different PetscSection (one that assigns dof over the cells). My concern is that to output displacements I attached the PetscSection to the DMPlex using DMSetLocalSection(). I'm not sure if I can define another local section for my cell-based strains and stresses and set it as a local section .

 My questions are:

  *   Could I perhaps do this with DMSetGlobalSection()?
  *   Can a DM hold multiple PetscSections (say multiple local sections and multiple global sections)?
     *   If so, how can select individual ones to properly output Vecs with DMPlexVTKWriteAll()?
  *   Does the local PetscSection depend on the Global one or vice versa?
  *   Can I avoid having to define a PetscSection altogether for my cell-based Vecs if I use DMCreateGlobalVector()?
     *   I got this idea from the source code of DMPlexCreateRankField(), which I successfully use to visualize my mesh partition.

Sorry for the mouthful.


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