[petsc-users] mkl_cpardiso halt on petsc-3.16.x

Gong Ding gongding at cn.cogenda.com
Thu Feb 24 20:56:56 CST 2022

Hi all,

On petsc3.12, I successfully run the linear solver mkl cpardiso on 
parallel environment.  However, with the exactly same code, petsc-3.16 halt

[0] PCSetUp(): Setting up PC for first time
   -mat_mkl_cpardiso_65 <now 0 : formerly 0>: Suggested number of 
threads to use within MKL_CPARDISO (None)
   -mat_mkl_cpardiso_66 <now 1 : formerly 1>: Maximum number of factors 
with identical sparsity structure that must be kept in memory at the 
same time (None)
   -mat_mkl_cpardiso_67 <now 1 : formerly 1>: Indicates the actual 
matrix for the solution phase (None)
   -mat_mkl_cpardiso_68 <now 0 : formerly 0>: Message level information 
   -mat_mkl_cpardiso_69 <now 11 : formerly 11>: Defines the matrix type 
   -mat_mkl_cpardiso_1 <now 1 : formerly 1>: Use default values (None)
<--------- halt here


Gong Ding

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