[petsc-users] Passive DM Variables

Nicholas Arnold-Medabalimi narnoldm at umich.edu
Sun Aug 28 11:43:41 CDT 2022


I'm working on a finite volume implementation using DMPlex. I was wondering
what the best-considered way to add cell variables to the DM that we don't
want to be part of the ksp/snes solve. As far as I can tell, if I add an
extra section with those, they will still be part of the F and U vectors in
the solver callbacks (to be expected). But my impression is that that will
just inflate the system size even if they have an F=0? Or is the solver
able to notice variables that are not dependent for the solve.

Alternatively, I have been just making a separate DM with those but that
feels a bit clunky especially if any mesh refinement occurs.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Nicholas Arnold-Medabalimi

Ph.D. Candidate
Computational Aeroscience Lab
University of Michigan
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