[petsc-users] What does PCASMSetOverlap do?

Zhuo Chen chenzhuotj at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 02:17:29 CDT 2022


I hope that everything is going well with everybody.

I have a question about the PCASMSetOverlap. If I have a 128x128 matrix and
I use 4 cores with overlap=1. Does it mean that from core 1 to core 4, the
block ranges are (starting from 1):

core 1:   1:33, 1:33
core 2:   33:65,  33:65
core 3:   65:97,  65:97
core 4:   95:128, 95:128

Or is it something else? I cannot tell from the manual.

Many thanks in advance.

Zhuo Chen
Department of Astronomy
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China 100084
*https://czlovemath123.github.io/ <https://czlovemath123.github.io/>*
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