[petsc-users] DMCloning from a DMPlex has changed in Petsc-3.17.0?

Matthew Knepley knepley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 16:05:04 CDT 2022

On Mon, Apr 4, 2022 at 3:36 PM Berend van Wachem <berend.vanwachem at ovgu.de>

> Dear Petsc team,
> Since about 2 years we have been using Petsc with DMPlex, but since
> upgrading our code to Petsc-3.17.0 something has broken.
> First we generate a DM from a DMPlex with  DMPlexCreateFromFile or
> creating one with DMPlexCreateBoxMesh. Then the DM is distributed with
> DMPlexDistribute. This DM works fine and we set a numer of fields and
> set a section to it.
> However, on the same mesh we also want to solve a problem with a
> different number of fields, and therefore we create a clone of this
> original DM, using the code:
> DMClone(OriginalDM, NewDM);
> DMClearDS(*NewDM);
> PetscCalloc2(1, &NumComp, 4, &NumDof);
> NumComp[0] = 1;
> NumDof[3] = NFields;
> DMSetNumFields(*NewDM, 1);
> DMSetFromOptions(*NewDM);
> DMPlexCreateSection(*NewDM, NULL, NumComp, NumDof, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL,
> NULL, &section);
> DMSetLocalSection(*NewDM, section);
> PetscFree2(NumComp, NumDof);
> PetscSectionDestroy(&section);
> However, with Petsc-3.17.0, the *NewDM is corrupt - When I call
> DMGlobalToLocalBegin with a Global and Local vector created with this
> NewDM, the code crashes. Indeed, the cloned DM seems to be partitioned
> differently than the original DM, as it these two DMs have a different
> number of local cells.

The cloned DM will have exactly the same topology and distribution. This
must be a misinterpretation
of what is happening. We can do a few things:

1) Make a small example to show what you are talking about

2) Look at a PETSc example that does something similar

3) Look directly at your code if I can somehow run it here

4) Start doing diagnostics on your code to see what is going on

Which one do you prefer?

> This worked fine in Petsc releases before 3.17 (e.g. 3.16.5). So my
> question is: what has changed? Am I doing something wrong, which should
> be changed for using with Petsc-3.17?

I don't think any of this should have changed, so this should be something



> Thanks, best regards,
> Berend.

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