[petsc-users] Error running make on MUMPS

Novak, April anovak at anl.gov
Wed Nov 10 13:00:44 CST 2021

Hi Barry,

Thank you for your assistance - I’ve attached the latest configure.log. I still encounter issues building, though some of the MUMPS errors do seem to have been fixed with the --download-mumps-commit option. Do you have a recommendation for addressing these other errors?



From: Fande Kong <fdkong.jd at gmail.com>
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 9:44 AM
To: Barry Smith <bsmith at petsc.dev>
Cc: PETSc users list <petsc-users at mcs.anl.gov>, Novak, April <anovak at anl.gov>
Subject: Re: [petsc-users] Error running make on MUMPS
Thanks, Barry,

We will try this, and report back


On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 5:41 PM Barry Smith <bsmith at petsc.dev<mailto:bsmith at petsc.dev>> wrote:

   This version of MUMPS has a bug in its build system; it does not have all the dependencies on Fortran modules properly listed so Fortran files can get compiled too early causing "random" failures during some builds, especially on machines with lots of cores for compiling.

   I think you should be able to use --download-mumps=https://bitbucket.org/petsc/pkg-mumps.git --download-mumps-commit=v5.4.1-p1 to get a patched version.


On Nov 9, 2021, at 6:10 PM, Fande Kong <fdkong.jd at gmail.com<mailto:fdkong.jd at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi All,

We encountered a configuration error when running the PETSc configuration on a HPC system.  Went through the log file, but could not find much. The log file was attached.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help, as always.



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