[petsc-users] DMPlex doubt

Miguel Angel Tapia miguel.td19 at outlook.com
Sat Jul 24 02:52:12 CDT 2021

Hello. I am a master's student in Mexico. I am currently working on a project in which we are implementing DMPlex in a code for electromagnetic modeling. Right now I am working on understanding the tool in C. But I'm stuck on something and that's why my next doubt:

I am trying to get the coordinates of the nodes of a mesh in DMPlex. I already understood how the DAG is structured, how to obtain the nodes that make up some point. But the ordering of the nodes changes in DMPlex. So I need to know the coordinates of each node to compare them with my initial mesh and confirm that the same nodes form the same point in the software I am using as well as in the DMPlex DAG.

It would be great if you could guide me a bit on how to do this or indicate which DMPlex examples would be good to review or which examples solve something similar to my situation.

Thank you in advance. Regards.
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