[petsc-users] How to combine different element types into a single DMPlex?

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> Hi,
> while playing with DMPlexBuildFromCellListParallel, I noticed we have to
> specify "numCorners" which is a fixed value, then gives a fixed number
> of nodes for a series of elements.
> How can I then add, for example, triangles and quadrangles into a DMPlex?

You can't with that function. It would be much mich more complicated if you
could, and I am not sure
it is worth it for that function. The reason is that you would need index
information to offset into the
connectivity list, and that would need to be replicated to some extent so
that all processes know what
the others are doing. Possible, but complicated.

Maybe I can help suggest something for what you are trying to do?



> Thanks,
> Eric
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