[petsc-users] Is it possible to keep track of original elements # after a call to DMPlexDistribute ?

Eric Chamberland Eric.Chamberland at giref.ulaval.ca
Wed Jul 14 12:18:01 CDT 2021


I want to use DMPlexDistribute from PETSc for computing overlapping and 
play with the different partitioners supported.

However, after calling DMPlexDistribute, I noticed the elements are 
renumbered and then the original number is lost.

What would be the best way to keep track of the element renumbering?

a) Adding an optional parameter to let the user retrieve a vector or 
"IS" giving the old number?

b) Adding a DMLabel (seems a wrong good solution)

c) Other idea?

Of course, I don't want to loose performances with the need of this 



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