[petsc-users] NVIDIA HPC SDK and complex data type

Jonathan D. Halverson halverson at Princeton.EDU
Fri Dec 17 12:36:40 CST 2021


We are unable to build PETSc using the NVIDIA HPC SDK and --with-scalar-type=complex. Below is our procedure:

$ module load nvhpc/21.11

$ module load openmpi/nvhpc-21.11/4.1.2/64

$ git clone -b release https://gitlab.com/petsc/petsc.git petsc; cd petsc

$ ./configure --with-debugging=1 --with-scalar-type=complex PETSC_ARCH=openmpi-power

$ make PETSC_DIR=/home/$USER/software/petsc PETSC_ARCH=openmpi-power all

$ make PETSC_DIR=/home/$USER/software/petsc PETSC_ARCH=openmpi-power check

"make check" fails with a segmentation fault when running ex19. The fortran test ex5f passes.

The procedure above fails on x86_64 and POWER both running RHEL8. It also fails using nvhpc 20.7.

The procedure above works for "real" instead of "complex".

A "hello world" MPI code using a complex data type works with our nvhpc modules.

The procedure above works successfully when GCC and an Open MPI library built using GCC is used.

The only trouble is the combination of PETSc with nvhpc and complex. Any known issues?

The build log for the procedure above is here:

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