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Marco Cisternino marco.cisternino at optimad.it
Thu Dec 16 10:09:45 CST 2021

Hello Matthew,
as promised I prepared a minimal (112960 rows. I'm not able to produce anything smaller than this and triggering the issue) example of the behavior I was talking about some days ago.
What I did is to produce matrix, right hand side and initial solution of the linear system.

As I told you before, this linear system is the discretization of the pressure equation of a predictor-corrector method for NS equations in the framework of finite volume method.
This case has homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. Computational domain has two independent and separated sub-domains.
I discretize the weak formulation and I divide every row of the linear system by the volume of the relative cell.
The underlying mesh is not uniform, therefore cells have different volumes.
The issue I'm going to explain does not show up if the mesh is uniform, same volume for all the cells.

I usually build the null space sub-domain by sub-domain with
MatNullSpaceCreate(getCommunicator(), PETSC_FALSE, nConstants, constants, &nullspace);
Where nConstants = 2 and constants contains two normalized arrays with constant values on degrees of freedom relative to the associated sub-domain and zeros elsewhere.

However, as a test I tried the constant over the whole domain using 2 alternatives that should produce the same null space:

  1.  MatNullSpaceCreate(getCommunicator(), PETSC_TRUE, 0, nullptr, &nullspace);
  2.  Vec* nsp;

VecDuplicateVecs(solution, 1, &nsp);


VecNormalize(nsp[0], nullptr);

MatNullSpaceCreate(getCommunicator(), PETSC_FALSE, 1, nsp, &nullspace);

Once I created the null space I test it using:
MatNullSpaceTest(nullspace, m_A, &isNullSpaceValid);

The case 1 pass the test while case 2 don't.

I have a small code for matrix loading, null spaces creation and testing.
Unfortunately I cannot implement a small code able to produce that linear system.

As attachment you can find an archive containing the matrix, the initial solution (used to manually build the null space) and the rhs (not used in the test code) in binary format.
You can also find the testing code in the same archive.
I used petsc 3.12(gcc+openMPI) and petsc 3.15.2(intelOneAPI) same results.
If the attachment is not delivered, I can share a link to it.

Thanks for any help.

Marco Cisternino

Marco Cisternino, PhD
marco.cisternino at optimad.it<mailto:marco.cisternino at optimad.it>
Optimad Engineering Srl
Via Bligny 5, Torino, Italia.

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I will, as soon as possible...

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On Tue, Dec 7, 2021 at 11:19 AM Marco Cisternino <marco.cisternino at optimad.it<mailto:marco.cisternino at optimad.it>> wrote:

Good morning,

I'm still struggling with the Poisson equation with Neumann BCs.

I discretize the equation by finite volume method and I divide every line of the linear system by the volume of the cell. I could avoid this division, but I'm trying to understand.

My mesh is not uniform, i.e. cells have different volumes (it is an octree mesh).

Moreover, in my computational domain there are 2 separated sub-domains.

I build the null space and then I use MatNullSpaceTest to check it.

If I do this:

MatNullSpaceCreate(getCommunicator(), PETSC_TRUE, 0, nullptr, &nullspace);

It works

This produces the normalized constant vector.

If I do this:

Vec nsp;

VecDuplicate(m_rhs, &nsp);


VecNormalize(nsp, nullptr);

MatNullSpaceCreate(getCommunicator(), PETSC_FALSE, 1, &nsp, &nullspace);

It does not work

This is also the normalized constant vector.

So you are saying that these two vectors give different results with MatNullSpaceTest()?
Something must be wrong in the code. Can you send a minimal example of this? I will go
through and debug it.



Probably, I have wrong expectations, but should not it be the same?


Marco Cisternino, PhD
marco.cisternino at optimad.it<mailto:marco.cisternino at optimad.it>


Optimad Engineering Srl

Via Bligny 5, Torino, Italia.

What most experimenters take for granted before they begin their experiments is infinitely more interesting than any results to which their experiments lead.
-- Norbert Wiener

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