[petsc-users] PETSC TS Extrapolation

Alfredo J Duarte Gomez aduarteg at utexas.edu
Tue Dec 14 14:18:56 CST 2021

Hello PETSC team,

I have some questions about the extrapolation routines used in the TS

I wish to use an extrapolation as the initial guess for the solution at the
next time step, which should have an order equivalent to the order of my TS

So far, I have been using the TS THETA with the extrapolate flag, but it is
also my understanding that the TS BDF extrapolates by default.

What values are used in these extrapolation routines? Is it the derivative
plus k solutions (where k is the order of the extrapolation) or is it k+1
previous solutions?

I am also unsure about what happens at the boundaries when using DAEs. Are
the values at the boundaries extrapolated as well? Or is there no
extrapolation at the boundary points?

Thank you,


Alfredo Duarte
Graduate Research Assistant
The University of Texas at Austin
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