[petsc-users] SNES always ends at iteration 0

celestechevali at gmail.com celestechevali at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 17:21:40 CST 2021


I encountered a strange problem concerning the convergence of SNES.

In my recent test runs I found that SNES always stops at iteration 0...

At first I thought there may be an error with the tolerance setting, so I
output the tolerances :

*atol = 0.000000, rtol = 0.000000, stol = 0.000000, maxit = 50, maxf =
10000  Norm of error 760.491 Iterations 0*

Which are exactly the default values that I always used. However, for the
same tolerance settings, the SNES solver converges successfully if I
decrease the number of degrees of freedom in my system...

I wish to know if anyone has experienced the same type of problems or has
an idea about what could possibly cause the problem...

Thank you so much in advance.

I appreciate any advice that you provide.
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