[petsc-users] Internal memory MUMPS during numerical factorization

Alberto F. Martín amartin at cimne.upc.edu
Thu Dec 9 18:52:56 CST 2021

Dear PETSc users,

I am experiencing the following error during numerical factorization 
while using the MUMPS package.

It seems an internal memory error in the DMUMPS_ALLOC_CB function. Has 
anyone experienced this before? Any clue how this can be solved?


Best regards,


Entering DMUMPS 5.3.5 from C interface with JOB, N =   1     2359298
       executing #MPI =      2 and #OMP =     24

  MUMPS compiled with option -DGEMMT_AVAILABLE
  MUMPS compiled with option -Dmetis
  MUMPS compiled with option -Dparmetis
  MUMPS compiled with option -Dptscotch
  MUMPS compiled with option -Dscotch
  MUMPS compiled with option -DBLR_MT
  This MUMPS version includes code for SAVE_RESTORE
  This MUMPS version includes code for DIST_RHS
L U Solver for unsymmetric matrices
Type of parallelism: Working host

  ****** ANALYSIS STEP ********

  ** Maximum transversal (ICNTL(6)) not allowed because matrix is 
Using ParMETIS for parallel ordering.
Structural symmetry is: 92%
  A root of estimated size         3480  has been selected for Scalapack.

Leaving analysis phase with  ...
  INFOG(1)                                       = 0
  INFOG(2)                                       = 0
  -- (20) Number of entries in factors (estim.)  = 548486696
  --  (3) Real space for factors    (estimated)  = 548486696
  --  (4) Integer space for factors (estimated)  = 23032397
  --  (5) Maximum frontal size      (estimated)  = 4991
  --  (6) Number of nodes in the tree            = 173314
  -- (32) Type of analysis effectively used      = 2
  --  (7) Ordering option effectively used       = 2
  ICNTL(6) Maximum transversal option            = 0
  ICNTL(7) Pivot order option                    = 7
  ICNTL(14) Percentage of memory relaxation      = 50000
  Number of level 2 nodes                        = 2
  Number of split nodes                          = 0
  RINFOG(1) Operations during elimination (estim)= 5.292D+11
  Distributed matrix entry format (ICNTL(18))    = 3

  Estimations with standard Full-Rank (FR) factorization:
     Maximum estim. space in Mbytes, IC facto. (INFOG(16)):     1246959
     Total space in MBytes, IC factorization (INFOG(17)):     2416245
     Maximum estim. space in Mbytes, OOC facto. (INFOG(26)):      190319
     Total space in MBytes,  OOC factorization (INFOG(27)):      379897

  Elapsed time in analysis driver=      30.7962

Entering DMUMPS 5.3.5 from C interface with JOB, N =   2 2359298
       executing #MPI =      2 and #OMP =     24

****** FACTORIZATION STEP ********

>  Number of working processes                =               2
>  ICNTL(22) Out-of-core option               =               0
>  ICNTL(35) BLR activation (eff. choice)     =               0
>  ICNTL(14) Memory relaxation                =           50000
>  INFOG(3) Real space for factors (estimated)=       548486696
>  INFOG(4) Integer space for factors (estim.)=        23032397
>  Maximum frontal size (estimated)           =            4991
>  Number of nodes in the tree                =          173314
>  Memory allowed (MB -- 0: N/A )             =               0
>  Memory provided by user, sum of LWK_USER   =               0
>  Relative threshold for pivoting, CNTL(1)   =      0.1000D-01
>  Max difference from 1 after scaling the entries for ONE-NORM (option 
> 7/8)   = 0.95D+00
>  Average Effective size of S     (based on INFO(39))= 150930257964
>  Redistrib: total data local/sent           = 37911993        60007025
>  Elapsed time to reformat/distribute matrix =      2.3306
>  Problem with integer stack size           1 1          13
>  Internal error in DMUMPS_ALLOC_CB  T          15 6090000

Alberto F. Martín-Huertas
Senior Researcher, PhD. Computational Science
Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics a l'Enginyeria (CIMNE)
Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia, UPC
Esteve Terradas 5, Building C3, Office 215,
08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain)
Tel.: (+34) 9341 34223
e-mail:amartin at cimne.upc.edu

FEMPAR project co-founder
web: http://www.fempar.org


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