[petsc-users] Hypre (GPU) memory consumption

Karthikeyan Chockalingam - STFC UKRI karthikeyan.chockalingam at stfc.ac.uk
Fri Dec 3 06:57:12 CST 2021


I am able to successfully run hypre on gpus but the problem seems to consumption a lot of memory.  I ran ksp/ksp/tutorial/ex45 on a grid of 320 x 320 x 320 using 6 gpus by the following options

mpirun -n 6 ./ex45 -da_grid_x 320 -da_grid_y 320 -da_grid_z 320 -dm_mat_type hypre -dm_vec_type cuda -ksp_type cg -pc_type hypre -pc_hypre_type boomeramg  -ksp_monitor -log_view -malloc_dump  -memory_view -malloc_log

From the log_view out (also attached) I get the following memory consumption:

Summary of Memory Usage in PETSc
Maximum (over computational time) process memory:           total 9.7412e+09 max 1.6999e+09 min 1.5368e+09
Current process memory:                                                                total 8.1640e+09 max 1.4359e+09 min 1.2733e+09
Maximum (over computational time) space PetscMalloc()ed: total 7.7661e+08 max 1.3401e+08 min 1.1148e+08
Current space PetscMalloc()ed:                                                      total 1.8356e+06 max 3.0594e+05 min 3.0594e+05

Each gpu is a Nvidia Tesla V100 – even using 4 gpus the system runs out of cuda memory alloc for the above problem. From the above listed memory output I believe the problem should be able to run on one gpu. Is the memory usage of hypre not listed include above?


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