[petsc-users] MatDestroy problem with multiple matrices and SUPERLU_DIST

Barry Smith bsmith at petsc.dev
Thu Apr 22 18:18:08 CDT 2021

   Please send a code that reproduces the problem. I cannot reproduce it.  It is absolutely expected to work, but there may be an untested corner case you have hit on.

   The comment 

/*  This allows reusing the Superlu_DIST communicator and grid when only a single SuperLU_DIST matrix is used at a time */

means that __IF__ only a single SuperLU_DIST matrix is used at a time then the Superlu_DIST communicator and grid ARE reused for a next one created after the first has been destroyed. If multiple SuperLU_DIST matrix are needed at the same time then they each get there own Superlu_DIST communicator and grid and there is no reuse. But this does not mean you cannot have as many matrices and solvers outstanding at the same time as you want.


Yes there could be a subtle bug in our logic but we need a test case to find it.

> On Apr 21, 2021, at 8:06 AM, Deij-van Rijswijk, Menno <M.Deij at marin.nl> wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> In our code we're using two matrices that are preconditioned using SUPERLU_dist. Upon freeing the second matrix with MatDestroy, the program segfaults with the following stacktrace (see below). This happens with PETSc versions 3.14.5 and 3.15.0, whereas version 3.11.2 does not have this problem. In the code src\mat\impls\aij\mpi\superlu_dist\superlu_dist.c I see that Petsc_Superlu_dist_keyval_Delete_Fn has been added between 3.11.2 and 3.14.5, and the comment reads that it allows reusing the communicator when only a single matrix is used at the time. I'm wondering if using multiple matrices with SUPERLU_dist is problematic here?
> Note: this is happening on single process and on multiple MPI processes.
> Best regards,
> Menno Deij - van Rijswijk
> #0  0x000015554ffc7db4 in ompi_comm_free () from /home/mdeij/install-gnu/extLibs/lib/libmpi.so.40
> #1  0x0000155550021536 in PMPI_Comm_free () from /home/mdeij/install-gnu/extLibs/lib/libmpi.so.40
> #2  0x00001555534262ba in superlu_gridexit (grid=0x3689da0)
>     at /home/mdeij/install-gnu/extLibs/Linux-x86_64-Intel/superlu_dist-6.3.0/SRC/superlu_grid.c:174
> #3  0x0000155553df094b in Petsc_Superlu_dist_keyval_Delete_Fn (comm=0x26a4e50, keyval=16, attr_val=0x3689d90,
>     extra_state=0x0)
>     at /home/mdeij/build-libs-gnu/superbuild/petsc/src/src/mat/impls/aij/mpi/superlu_dist/superlu_dist.c:97
> #4  0x000015554ffc145c in ompi_attr_delete_impl () from /home/mdeij/install-gnu/extLibs/lib/libmpi.so.40
> #5  0x000015554ffc3fdf in ompi_attr_delete_all () from /home/mdeij/install-gnu/extLibs/lib/libmpi.so.40
> #6  0x000015554ffc7ca7 in ompi_comm_free () from /home/mdeij/install-gnu/extLibs/lib/libmpi.so.40
> #7  0x0000155550021536 in PMPI_Comm_free () from /home/mdeij/install-gnu/extLibs/lib/libmpi.so.40
> #8  0x00001555538f31c5 in PetscCommDestroy (comm=0x29712e0)
>     at /home/mdeij/build-libs-gnu/superbuild/petsc/src/src/sys/objects/tagm.c:217
> #9  0x00001555538f55ab in PetscHeaderDestroy_Private (h=0x29712a0)
>     at /home/mdeij/build-libs-gnu/superbuild/petsc/src/src/sys/objects/inherit.c:121
> #10 0x0000155553b44626 in MatDestroy (A=0x26e1c98)
>     at /home/mdeij/build-libs-gnu/superbuild/petsc/src/src/mat/interface/matrix.c:1310
> #11 0x0000155553b87a86 in matdestroy_ (x=0x26e1c98, ierr=0x7fffffffc9cc)
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