[petsc-users] mapping from the original ordering to the PETSc/global ordering for the imported unstructured mesh

Hui LIU h.liu at whu.edu.cn
Wed Dec 23 02:30:53 CST 2020

Dear the maintainer of the PETSc: 


I am implementing the CPU parallel finite element calculation of the
unstructured grids by using the great PETSc platform. 

The unstructured grids are imported from other open access software, for
example, Gmsh. 

Herein we call the node numbering for the mesh generated by the Gmsh as the
original ordering, before distributing the mesh to each processor. 

After distributing this unstructured mesh to each process, is it possible to
find the mapping between the original ordering (before distributing) and the
PETSc/global ordering (after distributing)? 

If yes, how to extract or find it? 

If no, could you give me some suggestions for better applying the
displacement constraints and load boundary conditions? 

Another question is how to distinguish the nodes subject to displacement
boundary constraints and the nodes subject to the external force loads. 


Thank you very much. Looking forward to your reply.


Best regards,


Hui Liu

Wuhan University


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