[petsc-users] Usage of PETSC_NULL_INTEGER for PCASMGetSubKSP via Fortran interface

WUKIE, NATHAN A DR-02 USAF AFMC AFRL/RQVC nathan.wukie at us.af.mil
Fri Dec 11 08:49:57 CST 2020


It looks like there has been some recent reorganization of Fortran interfaces. One item that has cropped up is that the interface for procedure PCASMGetSubKSP has been moved to a module via src/ksp/f90-mod/petscksp.h90.

The question I have arrises when trying to pass PETSC_NULL_INTEGER, which seems to be an array, but the module interface to PCASMGetSubKSP now checks type rank consistency. PCASMGetSubKSP PetscInt arguments expect scalar values so just passing PETSC_NULL_INTEGER generates a compile-time error due to Scalar - Rank(1) mismatch.

It seems one could pass PETSC_NULL_INTEGER(0) or PETSC_NULL_INTEGER(1), but I haven't found any documentation about how that's defined or if this is even the correct approach to resolve that issue. Could someone provide some insight or advise on the correct way forward?


petsc version: v3.14.2

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